Official Partners

Restorative Justice 4 Schools
Restorative Justice 4 Schools -----------------------------------

Funders we have worked with

Kent VRU
Kent VRU-----------------------------------
Swale Borough Council
Swale Borough Council-----------------------------------
Herne Bay Umbrella
Herne Bay Umbrella -----------------------------------
Children in Need
Children in Need -----------------------------------
KCC Multiply
KCC Multiply -----------------------------------
Allen Lane Foundation
Allen Lane Foundation-----------------------------------
Queenborough Fishery Trust
Queenborough Fishery Trust -----------------------------------
Sevenoaks District and Town council
Sevenoaks District and Town council -----------------------------------
Golding Holmes
Golding Holmes -----------------------------------
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke-----------------------------------
Chatham Maritime Trust
Chatham Maritime Trust-----------------------------------
The Henry Smith Charity
The Henry Smith Charity-----------------------------------
The Gibbons Trust
The Gibbons Trust-----------------------------------
Linda Hogan Community Fund
Linda Hogan Community Fund-----------------------------------
The Warburtons Foundation
The Warburtons Foundation-----------------------------------
The Woodward Charitable Trust
The Woodward Charitable Trust-----------------------------------

Other Funders we have worked with –

  • Colyer Fergusson
  • Kent police and crime commissioner
  • KCC
  • Hubbub
  • National Lottery
  • Kent Community Foundation KCF
  • Tesco’s