Youth Resilience UK is a community interest company that aims to use a restorative approach to help young people build resilience by understanding their relationships, their choices and how they fit in to the world they live in.

We understand that schools especially, are facing increasing pressure on their budgets and that the two main barriers to restorative approaches are time and money. With this in mind we hope to work alongside national and local funding bodies to create unique pathways for schools to access funding support to help underpin the restorative approaches we offer.

We believe that once young people begin to; understand the impact of their actions, take responsibility for their choices and develop the tools to be able to repair harm and conflict, they build emotional and behavioural resilience and make positive choices going forward on their path.

At Youth Resilience UK CIC we recognise the need to support those working with young people as they face the pressures of modern families, social media, diverse cultures, lack of services and funding.  All these issues have the potential to continue to shift the way we support the development of this and future generations. Young people have more choices, a greater voice, access to an instant world at their fingertips, but many of our most challenging young people have fewer skills at their disposal to help them navigate this new territory.

of young people felt safer to approach staffafter our work with their school
reduction in incidents in a 6 month period as a result of our work in school
1 in 4
young people with a mental health disorder stop attending school because of perceived stigma and discrimination (Time to change)
of Primary school children suffer from a low sense of wellbeing (Morrison-Gutman)
rise in contacts made to Childline in 2016/17 related to cyberbullying
rise in eating disorder diagnosis since 2000
1 in 6
young people have a diagnosable mental health problem
of children and young people aged 5-16 yrs old suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder (Green, McGinty, Meltzer)


Some of our latest cases


Resilience develops by teaching a young person how to manage their emotions and make good choices in their behaviours and relationships.

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