DIRECTORKelly Walker
Kelly has 8 years’ experience as a Restorative Justice Practitioner, starting initially as the Restorative Justice Co-ordinator for Gravesham Schools implementing a restorative approach to 4 secondary and 10 primary schools. Before that 4 years working in neighbourhood and family mediation. She has 10 years school-based experience in addition to 10 years working in community development working with local authorities and charity organisations. Kelly has been fortunate to win national awards for her project work with young people.
Kelly has two teenage children, one who has ASD and anxiety so has a wealth of personal experience in the areas that can affect young people in education that have additional needs.
She is passionate about changing the way education meets the needs of young people and how we can help them to build resilience in an era of increasing and sometimes very instant pressures. Our young people are challenged by the world of technology and the dynamic that has changed in recent years. Within seconds they can be exposed to life changing information and often have a limited understanding of how to deal with these things.
DIRECTORLynne Russell
Lynne comes from an Education and Youth Justice background. Lynne worked for many years for Victim Support and developed and implemented a Vulnerable and Intimidated Witness Service in London supporting victims of hate crime and rape and sexual assault give evidence in Court. Lynne then moved into Youth Justice and worked for a London Youth Offending Team as part of their restorative justice team where she worked with young people who had committed offences including gang members involved in knife crime, violence and sexual offences. Lynne then moved to an education excellence cluster in Kent as a Restorative Justice Co-ordinator. It was her responsibility to help both secondary and primary schools implement and develop a restorative justice approach within an Education setting. She is a qualified restorative justice conference facilitator and has worked as a trainer for many years. Lynne is a Director of Youth Justice and the founder of Restorative Justice 4 Schools our sister company and will be pleased to help you with any queries that you may have.

We are very proud to be working closely with MMK Mind on project work. Details of the amazing work and training
support they offer can be found by visiting their website at


To inspire young people to develop emotional and behavioural resilience, through the delivery of restorative frameworks, that enable them to make positive choices, changes & relationships.