Our aim of Programme is to reduce vulnerability, crime and risky behaviours and help develop resilient young people who can manage their emotions, behaviours and relationships in a safe, healthy and respectful way. All sessions are delivered through a programme of films, role play, game play, work sheets, pair work and group discussion to ensure we cover all learning styles and are able to engage with your pupils.

Knife Crime Prevention – a workshop for pupils that explores how carrying a knife makes people more likely to be a victim of knife crime. Resilience Conflict Resolution – a workshop for pupils this covers fundamental social and behavioural skills and understanding. Stress and Mental Health – a workshop for pupils looking at the affects of stress and its negative impact on our mental health. Anxiety and Depressions – a session building on the session the week before looking at some of the most difficult aspects of mental health likely to be affecting young people. Impact of Good Choices – we look at what a good choice looks like and how to make good choices in our lives.

Age Aim – This course is aimed at young people mainly in secondary school age range.