Our training aims to reduce vulnerability, crime and risky behaviours and help develop resilient young people who can manage their emotions, behaviours and relationships in a safe, healthy and respectful way.

Our current Mindful of Crime programme looks at each of these areas for development. Knife Crime Prevention – workshop for pupils that explores how carrying a knife makes people more likely to be a victim of knife crime and the impact of knife crime on families and communities.  Drug Harm Awareness – this workshop aims to highlight the dangers of single use of drugs, the affects that drug use can have on families and the community.  Resilience Conflict Resolution – workshop aimed at giving pupils the skills to resolve their own conflict in a more restorative and de-escalating manner.  Giving and Getting Sexual Consent – workshop for pupils in single gender groups, that considers the capacity for someone to give consent, freedom to consent and giving and getting consent. Social Media Awareness – looking at how social media impacts the lives of young people both positively and negatively.  Stress and Mental Health – workshop for pupils looking at the effects of stress and its negative impact on our mental health.

Age Aim – This course is aimed at young people mainly in secondary school age range.